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Headwear - 16-in-1 Headband to Protect You from the Sun, Wind and Dust

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Headwear - 16-in-1 Headband to Protect You from the Sun, Wind and Dust

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1 Headband = 16+ Different Uses

When was the last time you bought a product that turned out to be multifunctional? This magic bandana is a great example. It shields you from the blazing sun as a sunguard. It wicks perspiration away as a hat or helmet liner so your neck and head won't get soaking wet and cold. Use it as a scrunchie so your hair won't get in your face when practicing downdogs. It keeps your face and neck warm as a face mask or neck gaiter. The magic goes on and on.

Ideal Accessory for Your Adventures

Made from breathable microfiber, our headwear is exceptional in wisking moisture away and pliable to twist and turn into different shapes and uses. Yet, it will not weigh you down or take up much space. Remember, to pack a few for your next trip or adventure - biking, fishing, golfing, hiking, hunting, motorcycling, rock climbing, running, skiing, snowboarding, yoga and traveling.

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Care Instructions

Hand wash in warm water and mild soap. Lay flat to air dry.

  • 16 WAYS TO SPORT THE BANDANA - The magic is in the versatility: Wear it as a foulard, hairband, scrunchie, wristband, balaclava, cap, do rag, face mask, hatliner, headband, hood, neck gaiter, neckchief, pirate, sahariane, sunguard and more. Choose from different colors or designs to express your personality and sense of style.
  • PROTECT YOU FROM THE SUN, DUST, WIND OR COLD - Whether you take a morning jog on the beach, practice Bikram yoga in a studio, ski and board down sparkling Whistler Mountains, four-wheel drive across the Kruger National Park in the South African safari mecca, or hike through the Machu Picchu Sacred Valley, our headband is a must-packed essential.
  • ENJOY THE EASE OF USE AND COMFORT - Bikers, Fishermen, Golfers, Hikers, Hunters, Mountain Climbers, Motorcyclists, Runners, Skiers, Snowboarders, Yogis, World Travelers...No need to fuss over how to tie a bandana. Instructions are printed on the packaging and brain-dead simple. The stretchy microfiber in a tubular shape (9.5" or 24.13 cm W x 18 " or 45.72 cm L) fits heads of all sizes and shapes for ultimate comfort. The seamless construction will not snag on your hair, hat or sunglasses.
  • LIGHT AS A FEATHER (1.12 OUNCES/EACH) AND EXTREMELY COMPACT - Made from high performance microfiber, it wicks away sweat and moisture better than cotton to keep your head and neck dry in different weather conditions. Very compact so you can tuck one away in the pocket of your running shorts or cargo pants. Pack multiples for your trip so you have a clean one for each day. Buy more to save more with promotional coupon codes below (buy 2 to save 5%, 3 to save 10% and 4 or more to save 15%).

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